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Your Invitation Awaits

Come visit the wild flowers! We’re having a celebration of color and texture. Your Invitation Awaits was inspired by a wildflower garden at my sister’s mental health office, a place of healing and hope.

Rudbeckia  (Black Eyed Susan and Gloriosa Daisy) are native to our meadows and woodland borders. The adaptability of Rudbeckia reminds us to maintain encouragement and motivation.

Centaurea cyanis (cornflower, bachelor’s button) is one of the few truly blue wildflowers. Its hardiness reminds us of our resilience through difficult times.

Your invitation awaits

Watercolor 9” x 13”

Original Sold

 Giclée Prints Available

17 1/2 x 20 1/2" Framed $236

11 x 14" Unframed $58

5 x 7" cards


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