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Spring House Refuge

She arrived weary and weak

Desperate for a place to rest.

The cool of the forest a welcome respite

From the long, hot, dusty trail.

Thirsty, she drank 

of the clear, cold spring

The Wise Woman of the forest spoke.

"My dear, you need change.

The way forward is through your pain.

Your darkest hours are over now.

See the light,

Feel the breeze,

Taste the clear, refreshing spring.

Walking through the worst

Gives you the Key

To fly free."

Spring House Refuge is second in a series of paintings inspired by the Spring House. To see more, click on the images below.

Richie's Old Spring House.jpg
purple green spruce trees path up hill spring flowing from spring house
Spring House Refuge.jpg

Pastel on UArt sanded surface

11 1/2"” x 17”

Original Sold

 Giclée Prints 

11 x 17" $70

10 x 16" $50

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