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Invisible Comers

Imagine what happens in your backyard just as you awaken.  

This painting captures that liminal time between dark and light, when nighttime Invisible comers* fade. All that’s left are prints. Which “would hurry away if they could." Look carefully for the “invisible comers” before they again disappear.  

Invisible Comers was crafted as part of a Poet Artist collaboration. Through the painting, I converse with the poet, creating a hopeful, optimistic attitude; displaying the vibrancy and aliveness of the moment of a new dawn.

I give reverence to the critters and trees inspiring the poet “strangers with unwashed feet and tongues.” 

Many of these “strangers” visited me daily; one signed the painting long before I did. You can see the rabbit’s (intentionally) prominent signature in the lower left.


Inspiration for the painting was an early January morning outside my studio door on our rural Alma farm.

(*all quotes are words from “Fallen” by Steven R. Vogel)

Invisible Comers 72dpi.jpg

Pastel on UArt sanded surface

20 x 24"

Original Sold

 Giclée Prints Original Size

Cherry wood frame $520


20 x 24" $187

18 x 24" $85

16 x 20" $64

8 x 10" $28

5 x 7" cards


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