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Old Spring House

Do you ever wonder where the birds go

When they fly away on a very hot summer day?

There’s a little spot, not too far,

That invited me to explore.

Long ago, our fore-families decided to domesticate a wild spring.

They built a house over the spring to keep out the leaves.

Somehow the non-native Norway spruce grew up all around.

Now, long abandoned by humans, 

The critters come here on that ninety-five-degree day

To a refuge made perfect for their play.


Old Spring House is first in a series of paintings inspired by the Spring House. To see more, click on the images below.

Spring House Refuge.jpg
purple green trees path up hill into light
Richie's Old Spring House.jpg

Pastel on UArt sanded surface, 11 1/2” x 17”

Original Available $738

Giclée Prints

11 x 17" $70

10X16" $50

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