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Come into the Light

Come wander

into the place of wizards and magic.

The path is steep.

The hill behind the spring high.

For just a moment.

There's a quiet place to lie.

Thirsty, they drank 

of the clear, cold spring

Then Wise One of the forest spoke.

"My dear, you seek magic

From without.

You turn to others for your strength.

What you seek lies deep within.

Open your eyes and see.

The magic surrounds you & me.

You want to do right?

You must first Come into the Light."

Come into the Light is the third painting inspired by the Spring House. To see more of the series, click on the images below.

Richie's Old Spring House.jpg
quiet stream leads from spring house. big Norway spruce on either side. Light on spring trees behind
Come into the Light.jpg

Pastel on UArt sanded surface

11 1/4” x 16 1/2”

Original $871

 Giclée Prints 

11" x 16" $55

10 x 16" $50

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