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For a few breathtaking moments, a shaft of sunlight streamed from behind the hill. The light lit up the trees, turning the heifer pasture into a shimmer of gold and casting stark shadows. The remainder of the hillside stayed lit by the soft twilight of the late October  afternoon.

Godfinger is the name Richard Power's character Mimi, in his Pulitzer Prize winning book, The Overstory called this light: 

"They hike through dense spruce...Trunks slice the sunlight into shards. Godfingers, she and her sisters used to call those slanted beams."


Godfinger-666894 copy.jpeg

Pastel on UArt sanded surface, 13” x 26.75”

Original $1,157

 Giclée Prints

11" x 23" $85

7 x 14" $33

5 x 7" cards


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