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Then,  the sun broke through

Setting off under heavy clouds, I plodded through a half a foot of new snow. Yearning for spring, I muttered to the birds, "A fine St. Patrick's Day!" 


Turning a corner at the bottom of my (very steep) drive, I felt a bitter breeze. Brisk winds blew new snow. Whose idea was this, to take a walk? Trudging on, I paused near the edge of our farm. Opening a gate, I headed down the creek.


Steady winds blew the clouds. The sky lightened. Promising change? Hope, perhaps?


Then, the Sun Broke Through.



And then, the Sun Broke Through low res.jpg

Pastel on UArt sanded surface

20" x 25”

Original: SOLD

Giclée Prints:

14 1/2 x16 1/2" Framed: $214

11 x 14" Unframed: $50

8 x 10" Unframed: $35

5" x 7" cards


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