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Nature surrounds me on our bluff country organic farm. We live in the Driftless area of western Wisconsin. The hills whisper. The breeze hints of change.

The land tells stories. Every pastel stroke is my opportunity to share the tale. Our neighborhood, in beautiful Buffalo County, is the lead character.

I create mostly in soft pastels. The colored dust particles create striking luminance. The medium challenges me to see both astonishing beauty and impermanence in life and nature.

Pastels are the only "pure pigment" medium capable of intense color and boundless texture. They are fragile - essentially dust. Yet, once properly framed, the paintings last generations. To accomplish this, I use archival materials - high quality pastels and sanded surfaces.

Likewise, reproductions are all Giclee prints created with archival ink on  100% cotton rag paper certified by a third party for 100+ years of display life. 

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